After defeating The Rat, Ellie hangs up her mask, or at least that is what she told her mom. She promised that she would not go out looking for danger, but what if it finds her?

While doing some routine patrolling she is attacked by two of the strongest henchmen she has ever encountered. Can she figure out what they want while navigating school, her internship with the police, and family life?

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Being a superhero is hard. For the Amazing Squirrel being punctual is the hardest part. Armed with the latest in Acme Hero Equipment, he hopes that he will be able to save the day.


Ellie is a normal high school girl having another boring summer. She works at her parents hardware store and has just broken up with her boyfriend. She didn’t plan on becoming a superhero. Frustrated by her recent breakup she was trying to move on.

A rash of robberies have the police running in circles. No one seems to be able to stop The Rat from running rampant through the city. Until now.

The Correspondent is doing her best, trying to protect her city and her family. Will it be enough?

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In a world where fear and failure are everywhere one man dared to stand up and laugh. That man is Dylan Reed, a professional clown, one time commercial diver and full time awesome dude. In his first book he teaches you the strategies for countering fear and failure using fun. Learn how to make fear and failure work for you and enjoy the experience

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